TPL Sponsorship


While we love to sell bulk back and current issue magazines, to our industry stakeholders, we will consider in kind sponsorship of women’s adventure events where we know our indie magazine will go directly into the hands of wonderlusting women.

There is a cost to us to produce, store and distribute bulk magazines and so If we do agree to provide magazines, as an in kind sponsorship gesture for your event, could you pretty please consider capturing a happy snap of your delegates and our magazines which we’ll happily share with or digital tribe like we did for Women Embrace Adventure. Yay  – the perfect cross promotion, share the love – win! win!

Women Embrace.png

We are also very grateful when businesses recognise our in kind donation within their event activities and promotional material. Some even plug us through social media with a tag. Oh -yeah, that is da business.

We’re all helping each other blossom and we therefore welcome these mutually beneficial partnerships.

We also love individuals who join as a Tribe member (subscribe).

Businesses who buy an issue and/or join and then share our mag with their customers – weeeee!

Thank you to all those cafes and other service providers with your generousity in allowing our magazine to sit on your customer service desk or waiting room coffee table. Thank you to those libraries who have subscribed. So, so brilliant.

Thank you to our amazing volunteer TPL Adventure Ambassadors who are doing all they can to introduce us through their networks.